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Get Fit in the Comfort of Your Own Home   
* Training All Shapes & Sizes since 2005 *
Personal Training  & About YOUR Trainer 

The very first time we meet at your 
Free Consultation

we'll talk all about your needs and goals.

I'll ask you a few questions about your Health, Habits and
your Exercise experience. 

Then we will discuss what program and training will work best for You.
You'll be able to decide how often you'd like to meet.

I bring all the Equipment and Drive to You. 
Equipment that we can use:
Dumbbells , ( free weights )  Resistance Tubing , 
Medicine Ball ,  Stability ( Exercise ) Ball,  Pilates Cords, Jump Ropes, etc.

After your Consultation, if you decide to start a program,
  the first will be a
Fitness Assessment.
This will be an Evaluation of your fitness level to help determine your best
Exercise Program focus.
Also your Body Measurements can be taken if you'd like to.

* The Fitness Assessment is always FREE ~! *

 More than just a Personal Trainer, you'll have a LifeStyle Coach 
that will help you make very Healthy Eating habit changes, etc.
** All  Personal Training  comes with 
a Full Program that includes All your Nutrition as well **

You'll also receive a *FREE Food Journal * 
to keep track of your
Eating & Drinking habits.
No need for you to purchase this yourself 

~ Let's get you  HEALTHY  and  HAPPY ~!



*  TammyStar Lizotte  *  
Certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine ( NASM )  
and also have a Kinesiology degree.
Personal Trainer / Fitness Nutrition Coach 

Specialties : 
WeightLifting,  Strength & Conditioning,  Weight Loss of all levels
( I have trained clients that are Extremely Obese and needed to lose MORE than 60lbs )
Core strengthening,  Flexibility/Stretching,  Gaining of Muscle Mass,
Bodybuilding & Physique Development, Youth Training, Weight Management. 

** One-on-One Training / Couples /
Pregnant Clients ( as long as you were Active prior to the Pregnancy )
and Small Group Training **

My goal as a Trainer is to help people develop New habits to live a Healthier Lifestyle
and provide them with Motivating, High energy, Encouraging and Safe workouts designed for their specific goals.
Teaching individuals of ALL Ages and ALL Experience levels ,
Both FEMALES as well as MALES ,
New and Exciting ways to challenge their Bodies
and reach their Fitness and Lifestyle goals.
I'm a very Analytical, Patient, Nurturing, Persistent, Organized, an Effective motivator
and also a Really Good Listener. 

I love working with different kinds of people who have different Goals and Needs. 
You'll have FUN working out with ME for sure !!!